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40 years of visual excellence, is a success story not many can brag about…

We believe in love and it boosts up our passion to create and to craft poetic visual moments of genuine love to be cherished by you through your lifetime. Moments that wouldn’t come to life, if your bonding was less than sincere. Moments that were exciting, striking, fun and sometimes hard to catch.

Pushing the limits is a routine, keeping it natural is the purpose, spontaneous is the name of the game, and unconventional is our trademark.

The canvas is your day, the brush is our lens, your tears and laughs are colors and the essence is a true love, the memory of which we shall capture for the rest of your lives…

With over 40 years of experience Ani Studio has always been the frontrunner of creative approach to event videos at the same time constantly acquiring innovative technologies to maintain the highest quality. Our firm belief in true love is the driving power behind years of passionate work and we’ve always considered equipment second to creativity and unique ideas.

Being one of the first companies to capture events on super 8 films we later replaced celluloid with analog videos of Betamax and VHS era and jumped on digital filming and editing before the turn of the century. Soon after we developed our unique cinematic style by introducing DSLR wedding videos to LA’s diverse market of various cultures and traditions and find joy in learning about the so many different ways that love grows and turns two people into one. If you are truly in love we would be honored to tell your story.

We are an event photography & video production studio with aims to create natural, truthful & unconventional memories of your most important moments in life.
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Wedding videos are often boring, long and monotonous. Not at Ani Studio though! Through the years we have developed unique signature videos, which stand out by being visually entertaining, aesthetically stunning and free from the dull conventions of typical event videos.

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Frankly dears, we hate fake smiles and we are all for realistic, natural moments, which makes us the ultimate go to place for those who love candid photography, however we understand that sometimes posing is necessary or some prefer traditional imagery so when it comes to photography we offer both styles and let you make the final decision.



Settings or locations are one of the most crucial elements of a great photograph.  Ani Studio clients will have access to an exclusive list of unique spaces to choose from for their photoshoot. Years of experience has given us the expertise of suggesting locations by considering your budget, choice of colors and outfit, traffic and travel time and style.



A wedding is not only about that one big day, but it’s also the celebration of love and the union of two people in their journey of becoming one. Different stages of this journey, from the inception to marriage could become the substance of “Ani Studio Adapted Love Stories”


Virtual Reality

Ani Studio’s virtual reality experience will not only allow capturing of your event in a spellbinding 360 degree visual format, but it will also virtually take you back in time and put you in the middle of your most precious moments with your loved ones.

This high-end technology that we acquire through our creative partnership with VR entrepreneur companies such as “Retrievable Memory” is currently being used only to cover international events and competitions of high caliber.

To understand the amazing scope of this new service we offer you to cast a glance at our VR samples using Virtual Reality goggles and go through the experience yourself.

To experience a Virtual Reality Experience in full, contact our office and make an appointment.

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